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Covid-19 Update 07/06/2020:

Tower Music is officially back in full swing! We do have a list of requirements, but we are back for full service and lessons!

1. Masks are required per orders for St. Louis County. We will not debate this. If you refuse to wear a mask we are still happy to help you with curbside service
2. We ask that you refrain from handling merchandise. Anything you touch has to be sanitized, so please let us assist you!
3. We usually don't mind if you hang out and play a few guitars, but to keep the possibility of spreading germs low, we are asking you to come in, get what you need, and go. This will keep the number of people in the store down, preventing spread.
4. We are doing all we can to keep things disinfected, but being out anywhere right now is a risk. Upon entering the store you are assuming responsibility for that risk. We are working hard to keep things clean, but there are no guarantees.
5. We appreciate your cooperation. With the number of infected still rising, we will be taking any measures we can to protect ourselves, our families, our employees, and YOU!

I understand this has somehow become controversial. These are the steps we have chosen to take and no amount of bad attitude on your part will change that. If you cant abide by these guidelines then please just wait until we give the all clear to come in.

Call or email if you have any questions!

360 Biltmore Dr.
Fenton, MO 63026