🔧🛠️ Instrument & Pro Audio Repairs 🛠️🔧

Tower Music’s service center takes care of all instrument and pro audio repairs. We make sure every repair is done right by working with repair professionals from around the St. Louis area. While most repairs are handled in-house, some more complex ones are done by our trusted local partners in their specialized shops.

Basic Services:

Guitar Setups. Including restring, deep cleaning, adjusting keys, neck, action, intonation, and checking electronics.

Band Instrument Repair:

Tower Music is equipped to handle all your band instrument service requirements. You can drop off your band instrument at our location and we will provide you with a free repair estimate. Whether it’s a simple re-corking or a complete restoration, rest assured your repair will be executed flawlessly every time.

Electronic And Pro Audio Repair:

At Tower Music, we offer comprehensive repair services for a wide range of music, band, and pro audio equipment. Whether it’s a basic effect stomp box or a complex audio mixer, our skilled team can thoroughly clean or repair your gear to get it back to optimal condition.

Dedicated to top-notch service, our repair department ensures a prompt and precise handling of your equipment. We rely only on knowledgeable and experienced technicians for all our repair work. In case your repair requires factory service, we can assist you with the shipping process and maintain communication with the factory repair department.

Please note that, unfortunately, we do not currently offer repair services for home audio equipment, CD players, cassette decks, or any other consumer-grade home electronics.

Repair Policy:

Repair time on most items is approximately 1-3 weeks but this timeline may fluctuate based on parts availability. Upon dropping off your repair, a non-refundable bench fee is applied, which, if your repair is authorized and successfully completed, will be incorporated into the total repair cost.

Should the cost of the repair surpass the value of your equipment, you have the option to apply the bench fee towards the purchase of a replacement.